BTI Goes International

I started with BTI in January. On June 1st, a mere five months later, I found myself on a fully funded international plane ride to the Dominican Republic, alongside an assorted group of BTI teammates and their spouses. Why in the world did BTI send us to the DR, you may ask? We returned to the states a few days ago, and I think I may have a few of the answers. [Read More]

Dev Bootcamp: The Final Weeks

Wednesday (9/16/15) 11:00 AM - The End is Near We’re almost at the end! The tension and anticipation is building .. what will our final projects be!? Will they be good? Will we impress? This week is much better than last. My day off helped. I would go so far as to say my day off was mandatory for me to be functional now. The stressful commute is wearying and I’m looking forward to the day where I can have more power in my choice of environment. [Read More]

Dev Bootcamp: Phase 3, Week 1

Week 7 - Hello, Burnout This week we played with RSpec testing and Rails. Rails comes with all kinds of shortcut goodies that seem really cool until you have to debug them. It’s much more confusing to debug a helper function that hides what it’s doing than to debug something you wrote yourself. Rails is difficult to learn, is what I’m saying. Our weekend project was to make a clone of StackOverflow. [Read More]

Dev Bootcamp: Phase 2, Week 3

Monday, 6:17 PM - All Time Low Today was the absolute worst. This weekend, we had our second group project. It actually went really well. We were effective as a team and completed some cool features beyond the basic requirements. I, unfortunately, missed the Monday morning demo. I was accidentally late in the morning, in excess of one hour. I put my guides in the uncomfortable position of having to inform me that if it happens again I will acrue a “breach of integrity. [Read More]

Dev Bootcamp: Phase 2, Week 2

Last week was the most difficult week DBC has to offer, or so they say. I can attest that it was massively challenging, and this week was no cakewalk either. Monday - All I need is a break We had our weekend code reviewed today. The session was positive and encouraging. We got some valuable firsthand experience on Big Design Upfront (BDUF) vs. Agile. The short version is that BDUF is only viable if you have large amounts of time and money to spend ( as is often not the case ). [Read More]

Dev Bootcamp: Phase 2, Week 1

Monday, 6:44 PM - New Beginings Today was spectacular for a number of reasons. Let me enumerate them for you: New people! Having new faces in the space was exciting and refreshing. The material. I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that I absolutely love what we’re working on. That being said, my brain feels as though it’s been put through the ringer. We’re learning A LOT of new things, all at once. [Read More]

Dev Bootcamp: Phase 1, Week 3

Monday, 10:00 PM - Monday Funday I feel like I’m finally setting into a rhythm. Today we learned SQL - a database query language. It’s got some quirks, but it’s fairly straightforward for the most part and we got plenty of repitition in today. I feel as though I have a sense for it now, even if I don’t always understand why a complicated query works. We had a party in the evening today and last week we had an Alumni AMA. [Read More]

Dev Bootcamp: Phase 1, Week 2

I’ve survived another week. It feels as though I’ve been here 8 months, not two weeks. DBC time distortion is real. Monday, 6:21 PM - Bring it on I AM DONE!!!!!!!! This is a momentous occasion. Today is the first day I completed all of the day’s challenges, and so close to 6 PM (end of day). Yay. My experience of today: Super, super tired this morning. I had 2 cups of coffee, and it’s got me a bit edgy and headache-y. [Read More]

Dev Bootcamp: Phase 1, Week 1

I’m not really sure what my blog format will be at this point. I know that I want to capture what the DBC experience is for me, and I want to blog about it. Below are my daily reflections for my first week. July 27, 9:03 PM - What have I gotten myself into? I kid! Today was great. We met all the staff, got to meet everyone face-to-face. I’m less intimidated by the process now that I’ve met the people behind it (probabaly becuase they work to mitigate the intimidation factor - at least I think that’s what they’re doing). [Read More]


This week’s cultural reflection piece is about asking good questions. Here’s what I know about questions: Asking for help is about connection. It makes the asker vulnerable to their audience. The asker needs to trust that the askee (or group at large) will want to help them. Without trust and the willingness to be vulnerable, questions will not be as effective. Some of the most important questions are the ones we ask ourselves. [Read More]