Thinking About Thinking

The relationship people have with information differs for each individual. This is an important concept for two reasons: personal growth and communication skills. A man named Anthony Gregorc did some research on Mind Styles. I’ll be discussing what I learned from identifying my own mind style in the hope that reading will help you in your own introspective journey. First things first, what are Mind Styles? Mind Styles categorize the way a person sequences and relates to information. [Read More]


This week I learned about the glorious data storage object that is the Hash. The following will be some fun information on how to differentiate, define, and reference arrays and hashes. Arrays and hashes are both constucts used for data storage. Their construction and syntax are different, so depending on what you’re trying to do, one will likely be better than the other for specific applications. Define Array Ordered, iteger-indexed collections of any object. [Read More]
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CSS Madness

I spent the past week learning HTML and CSS, having zero prior experience with either. With the right guidance, it’s surprisingly doable. No learning experience is complete without some moments of struggle, and I had plenty. Hopefully you will be able to benefit from my pain. The two worst positioning nightmares I came accross were position:relative/absolute/fixed and display:inline/block/inline-block. I’ll run through the definitions of each, and include my advice on using the things. [Read More]

Git vs. Github

Hello reader! This is my first blog post EVER, so please be generous with your feedback, should you have any. Let me start off by saying that Git and Github are completely different things, I know, I was shocked too. People throw around the word ‘Github’ enough that it starts to seem more magical than it really is. is just a website. It functions a lot like Dropbox - a place to remotely store things. [Read More]
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Yoga & Devbootcamp

I never thought this day would come - me with a blog. I somehow doubt that blogging and tweeting will be the only new behaviors I will inherit from this educational adventure called Devbootcamp. This post marks the completion point of week one. The following is my response to a discussion on DBC culture. I was first introduced to the DBC philosophy in a yoga studio. I’ve been an avid hot yoga practitioner for the past few years. [Read More]