Dev Bootcamp: Phase 2, Week 3

Monday, 6:17 PM - All Time Low

Today was the absolute worst.

This weekend, we had our second group project. It actually went really well. We were effective as a team and completed some cool features beyond the basic requirements. I, unfortunately, missed the Monday morning demo. I was accidentally late in the morning, in excess of one hour. I put my guides in the uncomfortable position of having to inform me that if it happens again I will acrue a “breach of integrity.” Since I’m the kind of personality that enjoys being in good standing with respected authority figures, being out of good standing in this way felt horrible. Furthermore, without the option of time travel, there was really no way to ‘fix’ my poor behavior. I just had to suffer, seemingly, forever onward, knowing that I messed up.

But, you know what? This bootcamp is a pressure cooker. I feel like all of the BS excuses for why I don’t do X, Y, or Z (i.e. get somewhere on time) are coming up now in a way that I can adress them, deal with them, and never do them again. It’s also got me thinking about how leaders motivate people to show up on time. DBC is flexible enough to be able to say, mess up in a big way more than once and we may send you home. Unspoken is the message that behaving so far outside DBC culture norms means that you woudn’t belong to the community anymore. It’s a powerful motivational tool. Most offices that I’ve worked in don’t seem to have the same ability to fire you for cultural reasons, so I started thinking about positive motvational tools. In high school we had an ‘honor roll breakfast’. What if the workplace offered a nice, catered beakfast every 2-4 weeks, and you could only attend if you showed up to work on time every day for the pertinent time frame? Just a thought.

Tuesday, 10:30 AM - Review Day

I remember, when I first got here, I thought the elevators were so fast. It’s a nice memory - being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. We have this assessment thing tomorrow and I want to spend my review time on CRUD + AJAX. I really want to continue on to phase 3 next week. Repeating would be fine, but I’m experiencing a lot of motivation around wanting to keep up the momentum, so that’s what I’m going to shoot for.

I feel confident that I’ve learned what I need to. It’s possible that I have not. I’m here to learn, not to ‘finish’, so no matter what happens tomorrow, I’m not afraid. I’m going to take myself off to an awesome yoga class and get a good night’s rest.

Thursday, 11:26 AM - The Results Are In

Good news y’all, I passed!! It’s on to phase three for me! I’ll be in and out of this place in the standard 9 weeks. My assessment thingie went okay. I didn’t finish, but what I did complete, I felt confident about. There was never a moment when I didn’t know how to do something, I just didn’t have enough time / energy to complete all the requirements.

We learned Rails this morning. It is awesome. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I would be way more excited.

I’ll be taking a hard break this weekend. Today I was so worn down that I could barely see straight.

I’m looking forward to having new kids on the block on Monday. It’ll be fun to be a ‘senior’.

Final Thoughts

What works?

  • When you’re feeling low, do what you need to take care of yourself. For me, this invloved getting a 20 minute neck massage at the nail salon down the street.
  • Know what your go-to stress releiving activities are (i.e yoga, movies, weightlifting, bubble baths) and make time to do those things.

What doesn’t?

  • A ‘Fixed Growth’ mindset. We all make mistakes, the trick is in attaching your self-worth to your ability to improve and to be a better person than you were yesterday.