Dev Bootcamp: Phase 3, Week 1

Week 7 - Hello, Burnout

This week we played with RSpec testing and Rails. Rails comes with all kinds of shortcut goodies that seem really cool until you have to debug them. It’s much more confusing to debug a helper function that hides what it’s doing than to debug something you wrote yourself. Rails is difficult to learn, is what I’m saying.

Our weekend project was to make a clone of StackOverflow. On Monday morning, we’ll have a demo of what we worked on over the weekend.

This week was hard. We’ve been learning new things every day for over 40 days now. Personally, I’ve hit a wall that I was previously unaware of. I’ve spoken with a few of my cohort-mates about this, and some of them seem to be having a similar experience. This program is emotionally demanding, and I’ve hit my edge. The good news, is that I could be honest with my project team about my emotional state. I was able to frontload my contributions to take some weekend time for myself, somewhat guilt-free.

At one point this week, one of my instructors pulled me aside to express concern over my wellbeing. I’m not sure how my behavior has changed, or if I’ve just looked really tired, but that 2 minute interaction helped more than words can express. It’s okay if I don’t make it back up to 100% for the remainder of my time here at DBC. Whatever % I have left is what I’m going to bring with me every day. I know I have a fantastic safety net if I start burning too low - all my teachers, my cohort, and my family and friends back home.

In a way, I feel as though I’ve already learned everything I need to get a job in web development. We’ll be starting final projects at the end of next week, and it feels more like a victory lap than anything else. Come job hunting time, I know I’ll appreciate having a lovely example of what I’ve learned to show to employers. Now all I have to do is come up with a brilliant website idea O.o (please email me website ideas!!).

Final Thoughts

What works?

  • Empathetic team members
  • Leaders that pay attention

What doesn’t?

  • There’s a line between taking time for yourself and isolating yourself from others. I managed to intuit that I crossed that line, so I stopped and made some strides in the opposite direction.