Git vs. Github

Hello reader! This is my first blog post EVER, so please be generous with your feedback, should you have any.

Let me start off by saying that Git and Github are completely different things, I know, I was shocked too. People throw around the word ‘Github’ enough that it starts to seem more magical than it really is. is just a website. It functions a lot like Dropbox - a place to remotely store things. Github is best at storing code, in fact, it’s the world’s largest such host.

Git, on the other hand, is a thing that you install on your personal computer to perform version control on your code. It does this by keeping track of every minute change (down to the character) between one ‘commit’ (save point) and the last. With git, reverting to a previous version is as easy as typing a single command. This is really good news for anyone interested in creating functional code. Your latest edit breaks a few things? Revert it!

So, why should you care about Git or Github, you may have asked yourself a few paragraphs north of here? I will tell you why! Git and Github are the best things out there (right now) for version control of code. Used in tandem, they’re a beautifully sophisticated solution to a snarly problem - how can one possibly keep track of code changes when working on a development team? Git + Github is how. Happy Coding!

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