Yoga & Devbootcamp

I never thought this day would come - me with a blog. I somehow doubt that blogging and tweeting will be the only new behaviors I will inherit from this educational adventure called Devbootcamp. This post marks the completion point of week one. The following is my response to a discussion on DBC culture.

I was first introduced to the DBC philosophy in a yoga studio. I’ve been an avid hot yoga practitioner for the past few years. I went so far as to obtain a teacher’s certification - 200 hours of the best good sweaty fun that can be had while clothed. For those of you that have never done yoga and/or have no idea where I’m going with this, let me explain! The way you become ‘better’ at yoga is oddly similar to the way DBC would have us become ‘better’ at web development. Ready? I’m going to make a list of advice given to new boots:

  1. Come in with the attitude of “This is my time, I’m going to make it awesome”
  2. Know that “This is all one big experiment”
  3. “Bring yourself to the table and believe in others to do the same”
  4. “Come in and MAKE A MESS”
  5. Identify your fears because “Fear will only hold you back”
  6. “We’ll provide the structure and the setting so that you can kick your own ass”
  7. “To succeed, you have to make yourself vulnerable”
  8. “Be motivated, be inspired, and be inspiring”

The thing is, all of those phrases would be equally as appropriate if stated in a yoga class. It’s a radical shift from the traditional educational paradigm, that rewards being ‘right’ above being inspired. I find this new paradigm captivating. I truly believe it is the best mindset to have to succeed in … anything, and I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to practice it.