Fighting the Good Fight

Last week, I reflected on Stereotype Threat and the DevBootcamp educational experience. This week, I’ll take it a step further and discuss how to fight stereotype threat and other nasties like the imposter syndrome. A little bit about me - I pursued an engineering degree from a well respected educational institution. I had a number of classes where I was the only female in the room. None of my engineering classes even approached a 50⁄50 M-to-F ratio. [Read More]

Stereotype Threat

Preface One reason I love Dev Bootcamp is it’s holistic education of the whole individual. They’ve taken on the task of educating people about the world they will need to be able to work in. They don’t produce programmers that are only suited to programming in a vacuum, but developers capable of interacting with other developers and dealing wih the cultural climate of the day. They’re comitted to teaching skills beyond the technical - they teach social awareness skills - and in so doing, they treat the student as an inlelligent, aware person, not a tool suited to performing a specific kind of task. [Read More]